West Hills Community College District Selects and Implements Edvance360 LMS-SN

Virginia Beach, VA (PRWEB) August 20, 2012

Edvance360, a leading provider of eLearning services and software solutions and last year’s CODiE winner for Best Post-Secondary LMS, announced that West Hills Community College (WHCCD) left Blackboard to join the growing Edvance360 LMS-SN community of users.

The student satisfaction rate is steadily improving as we move from the spring 2012 implementation into the summer and fall semesters. Sixty percent of students expressed satisfaction in the spring 2012 semester, improving to 70 percent in the summer semester. At this rate, we will have nearly 100 percent student satisfaction at the end of the first year.

The experience in receiving support from Edvance360 is a completely different from our previous experience. We have incredible access at all levels of the Edvance360 organizational structure, which has resulted in an amazingly successful implementation and integration of this new learning management system. – Lenore Simonson, Educational Technology Specialist at West Hills Community College District

We invite you to consider joining Edvance360. We offer:

Unparalleled Personal Support Edvance360 is a demonstrated leader in its commitment to personalized support for its clients.

Affordable Pricing Edvance360s pricing is significantly lower than any of the other commercial vendors. Pricing is regularly 30%-50% below competitor prices.

Forward-Thinking Commitment Edvance360 was the first LMS to combine social networking and other Web 2.0 tools (Wikis, Blogs, RSS feeds, etc.) with the academic features in a Learner Management System.

Open Standards and Specifications Edvance360 supports SCORM and Common Cartridge

Learning Outcome Management (LOM) Use our intuitive LOM tools to assess and manage learning outcomes on student, course, and institutional levels (no additional cost).

ePortfolios Enables students at colleges to manage a professional portfolio containing skills developed, documents published, experience gained, and recommendations garnered from teachers (no additional cost).

About Edvance360

Edvance360 is an Internet-based Learner Management System (LMS) and secure social network that enables institutions to implement a successful online academic program. Edvance360 equips schools, corporations, and organizations to host online courses, implement modular courses, and revitalize residential courses. Edvance360 was designed by educators for educators, with insight provided by many of the leading educational design experts.

Our clients enjoy a high return on their investment, personalized support, and customizable solutions. We do not believe a one-size-fits-all approach is beneficial to our clients, so we are committed to adapting Edvance360 to fit the needs of the rapidly changing world of education.

Edvance360 is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, with operations in Valdosta, Georgia. For more information, please visit http://www.Edvance360.com or call 866-458-0360.

Edvance360 and the Edvance360 logo are trademarks of Edvance360 Corporation. All other company and product names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

About West Hills Community College District

Started in the 1930s as an extension of Fresno State University, Coalinga College, now West Hills College Coalinga, was one of the first community colleges in the nation to offer an AA degree entirely online. It was joined in 2002 with a history-making, 21st-Century campus called West Hills College Lemoore. Additionally, a North District Center, Firebaugh, offers a model of service for small, rural communities that allows residents to earn an AA degree close to home and Naval Air Station, Lemoore center serves sailors and marines as they serve their country.

In 2002 the MetLife Foundation selected West Hills Community College District as the small community college nationwide that best serves the needs of a diverse student population.

Their website can be accessed at http://www.whccd.edu.

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