9 comments on “Tyler CFET – Centrifuge Training – NAS Lemoore
  1. Artificial intelligence, radio control, or perhaps new technologies to make humans withstand more G’s witch is very unlikely.

  2. vertical, positive, untrained person; 5G VP trained + suit 9G; V negative 3G, V instantaneous 40G, V deadly 100G, horisontal(to the spine) H pushing the body backwards 17G H pushing the body forwards 12G

  3. nah, most people without training blacks out at least at 4, some at 3, this is quoting real pilots, I’m just a fan of simulators xD

  4. So the technique is to squeeze (flex) your calves and thighs to pump the blood back up to your brain as well as to do that “face flex” thing that forces the blood to your head to avoid blacking out?

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