Strike Suit Infinity Random Gameplay

I bought Strike Suit Zero bundle during a sale on steam. Since everybody told me not get it’s I found the game attractive. What you see here is simple one of…
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USAF,44th Fighter Squadron (44 FS) F-15 Eagle

United States Air Force.18th Wing,44th Fighter Squadron (44 FS).McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle (Tail code:ZZ) #81-0035.”Japanese-American Friendship Festival”…
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3 comments on “Strike Suit Infinity Random Gameplay
  1. LOL What? Did you just draw the frigates and capitals to the edge of the map so the game could kill the one that got out and you could kill the rest?

    I thought you wouldn’t be able to win if your reinforcements were wiped out.

  2. Bah people only care about what interests them for the moment or what is popular. Strike Suit Zero is that well known so people don’t perk up in interest when they see its name. Besides, you have good choices in games. Haven’t been bored by you yet XD doubt I ever will be. Please keep up the awesome work, you will always have me as a subscriber

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