16 comments on “Strike Fighters 2 Israel – Scramble Mission
  1. There are EF2000. Indeed, if anything got the modding in this game slower is that there is virtually every combat aircraft ever available

  2. Paradoxly i think that the AI is getting worse and worse, the best was in WOV, little bit worse in WOE and much worse in WOI

  3. There are quite a few improvements. Better AI, better campaign scripting, more aircraft, downloadable DLC including mission and Campaign Editor (Fly for bad guys).

  4. so Strike Fighters 2 is nothing else than graphically improved Wings Over … ?
    Is there at least better enemy intelligence? I don’t enjoy killing such noobs

  5. who said i dont? its just that super ef2000 is a game from 1996 and took me very long time to activate it since it wont work on win7 64 bit

  6. i see…yea it is on the highest graphics but i would prefer to play super ef2000 with worse graphics but much more fun for me:P
    and i saw also WoI videw here with some features i never seen in my game (like a kfir aircarft have 4 smoke trails when he pulls some g’s)

  7. SF2 series has improved graphics over WoI series. The best graphics in the series can be found in SF2: North Atlantic.

    I suggest putting graphic options at Unlimited if you are confident in your computer; this will make the graphics look pretty much at my level at worst. At best – Let us just say there are many good mods at CombatAce.

  8. is there any modes for this game? i have wings over israel but i see many videos with different graphics (and i have gtx 480) so i doubt its my video card

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