8 comments on “Pacific Legends Day – Preview – F6F Hellcat A6M Zero – Flying Heritage Collection
  1. I remember the paint scheme. When I was younger, I used to build plastic a/c models. My favorites were WW2, especially Pacific Theater. I remember building an A6M5 model that had this scheme as one of the painting options.  Unfortunately, I was not that good at painting at that time so I opted for the conventional IJN dark green paint scheme. I must admit that the tiger stripe paint scheme is amazingly striking.

  2. Usually wheel landings (front mains first) are done to provide the pilot better forward visibility and/or to counter a crosswind. The Hellcat actually has pretty good forward visibility. Also, that big ol’ prop is a bit closer to the ground when the Hellcat is on just the mains.

  3. Is the Zero painted in the colors of the IJA? I don’t recall ever seeing an IJN Zero painted in that two tone green camoflage. Of course, I could be wrong.

  4. It’s kind of a frankenplane… there were three recovered and the first two got most of the original pieces and this one has the least.

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