Pacific eSports & : Winner’s Finals Den (Akuma) Vs. Dru (Dictator)

A monthly tournament in Manila, Philippines. Visit the sites below for more information. Find Offcast: offcasts@gmai…
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Title: Strike Commander Publisher: Origin Systems Year Published: 1993 Version: PC Dos Minimum System Requirements: Intel 486 DX33 mhzs Type: Flight Simulato…
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13 comments on “Pacific eSports & : Winner’s Finals Den (Akuma) Vs. Dru (Dictator)
  1. come fly some SU25T in DCS world! (its free module for DCS world) its modeled pretty well but has a no clicky cockpit so quite a bit more arcade like then say ka50 and A-10C (all modules for DCS world).

    If you haven’t yet you should check it out.

  2. I did play newer flight sims, like Cliffs of Dover, Wings of Prey, Flamings Cliffs 2, and Falcon 4.0 BMS. Those were the latest flight sims that I have played. Flaming Cliffs 2, and Falcon 4.0 BMS have realistic flight models, I made some videos of those on my channel. They are fun, but they are much more complex than most 1990 simulators. I do play arcade simulators too, like HAWX, HAWX 2, & Ace Combat 4 to 6.

  3. thats a shame you should take a peak at some of the newer flight sims, i know they are a lot more hardcore then strike commander but they can be a real blast too.

    might have to fire this classic up again after watching.

  4. 1990s simulators were pretty good, I played a lot of them, like F-16 Fighting Falcon from ECA, Su-25 from ECA, Knights of the Sky from Microprose, A-10+A-10 2.0 from Dynamics, Red Baron from Dynamics, Aces of the Pacific by Sierra/Dynamics, LHX from ECA, Gunship 2000 from Microprose, Aces Over Europe by Sierra/Dynamics, Falcon 3.0 from Microprose, & Strike Commander by Origin. The 1990s was a time when they came out with many great flight simulators.

  5. I don’t fly anything these days, just too busy doing other things really. I would like to make a video of A-10 tank killer in the future. 

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