Joint Strike Fighter F-35C CF-6 Ferry & Arrival

June 22, 2013 — The U.S. Navy’s Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 101 received the Navy’s first F-35C Lightning II carrier variant aircraft from Lockheed Martin…
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14 comments on “Joint Strike Fighter F-35C CF-6 Ferry & Arrival
  1. Actually, it looks like hook fixes won’t enter production until LRIP-7. I suppose copies before that could be modified, but I’m guessing they’ll just be used for land-based training.

  2. Well, despite the fact that I find worldwide military expenditure (particularly in the US) to be crazy, obscene, anti-democratic, corrupt, and a real threat to humanity’s survival, I know that my country would prefer the Raptor over the current JSF. So, make it ‘two’ F22’s and a whole cutlery set for every Lightning II and you’ve got yourself a deal. Anyway, the way missile and drone technology is heading these jets will probably be useless in a year or two. Either way, we’ll keep the receipts.

  3. I imagine Navy flight training would be the most intensive. Only because of the carrier training they have to go through as well

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