21 comments on “JASF: Jane’s Advance Strike Fighters Gameplay First 10 Minutes HD
  1. As much crap as this game is, “Jane’s”, WAS one of the best flight simulator series ever, I dont know if youve heard of Janes F/A-18 or the Janes Navy series and a crap load more, but at its time around 1999, they were known as some of the most realistic flight sims around, but thats the past, good things never last huh? Lol

  2. Holy crap! I’d never heard of Energy Airforce, but it looks pretty damn sweet! Especially considering the fact that it’s on PS2.

  3. Oh I know. The number of times I’ve hit the deck while trying to do low altitude manoeuvers is too high to count. I bet there isn’t even any way to push your plane too far, damaging the wings and/or fuselage. The handling looks soooooo cheap. “Sure, do a loop at 1000ft with the afterburners on. Why not?”

  4. I miss the days of games like ATF and US Navy Fighters and whatnot. Even A-10 Cuba had some incredible gameplay, with seriously detailed damage that can be done to all planes.

  5. This game was made for people with the mind capacity of a five year old. ohhhh pretty grfx and jets!!! just another ace combat clone and a bad one at that..

  6. well top gun has it’s unique gamemode also very dynamic but hawx it’s a little bit more realistic and jasf well i didn’t like it only the big areas are big areas but nothing else

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