21 comments on “F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jet (JSF) The Most Expensive Defense Project In History
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  2. I don’t agree with your opinion of the F35 and know its completely wrong you jizz drinking filthy Jew
    Search F35 a Pilots Perspective or search F35 Amazing Aircraft on this site for the reasons you’re wrong
    Pilots love this machine because its easy to fly This enables them to do so much more in battle as the fighter almost flies itself
    This fighter is light years apart from anything else on the planet
    Its a game changer dumb dumb now shut your mouth and don’t even think of replying to me OKAY?

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  4. 60 billion dollars, part already swindled to to restore ante saddam status, spendind one trillion according to US president, loss of innumerable lives, infrastructure, one trillion for f35 project, 3 trillion a piece of B 2. The accounts for democracy, weird indeed, weird

  5. The F-35C takes 43 seconds longer than an F-16 to accelerate from Mach 0.8 to Mach 1.2. A Navy study found that the F-35 will cost 30 to 40 percent more to maintain than current jet fighters. A Pentagon study found that it may cost $1 trillion to maintain the entire fleet over its lifetime.

  6. Well the numbers so far tell us the F-35 is too heavy, too slow and has a too small action radius. Its not realy looking all that well for the plane while it had a lot of potential.
    At this point I hate my previous government for going for the F-35, even though they already had the information that would make wise men decide otherwise.

  7. Yeah, but lets hope that was a short fix without us knowing.

    I mean we’ve spent quite a bit on it. Can’t just give you can we?


  8. You do know that would be unknown to us right?

    All they tell us are numbers. That’s really it.

    They don’t tell you anything else, and what they actual test results of them pushing it to the limits.


    Other wise our defense goes to shit after spending nearly 1 trillion on them lol

  9. They have very very smart engineers. You can update, and upgrade these f-35 with minimal cost. Well minimal compared to what we’d spend on technology to make something better lol

  10. OH my gosh! An advanced jet fighter which wasn’t ready for production at it’s designed “ready” date! Well, let’s just include the F-35 on the landfill of the other thousands of jets around the world who didn’t meet their “ready” dates! I for one, am happy that I live in the USA which has the F-22 and F-35, along with the rest of our SECOND TO NONE military, while the rest of you sit back and envy us. (So this video is all you have to make yourself feel better?) LMAO

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