California Business Coalition Says Senate Bill 568 Will Kill 8,000 Jobs in the Golden State

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2011

As many as 8,000 manufacturing and related jobs would likely vanish if special interest groups succeed in banning polystyrene (commonly referred to as Styrofoam) food containers that are the lifeblood for several factories and small family and ethnic restaurants throughout California, according to a spokesman for a growing coalition of businesses and workers opposing the legislative proposal.

While Senate Bill 568 (Lowenthal) wont do anything to eliminate litter, it will eliminate manufacturing and recycling jobs, said Stevan Allen, a spokesman for the coalition. It also will raise costs to tens of thousands of small family and ethnic restaurants throughout the state, he said.

The proposal unfairly targets minority owned businesses that cannot compete with the large chain restaurants, said James Duran, who chairs the legislative committee for the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, one of the dozens of organizations opposing the measure. They are already struggling and many cannot afford to pay double and triple the costs for containers. They operate on razor thin margins and their customers dont have the means to absorb cost increases.

As word spreads about the bill, a growing number of these restaurants are voicing their opposition. From those serving Chinese and Korean cuisine to Mexican and BBQ Soul Food, more than 550 restaurants have joined the coalition in the past several weeks, officials say. Dozens of other business organizations are also opposing.

“SB 568 is a Job Killer for a very good reason local bans have already shut down factories, said Earl Skip Cooper President/CEO Black Business Association. There is no question that it will promote additional plant closures and expedite the continued downward spiral of the states economy.

Opponents of the proposed ban cited a study from Keybridge Research that found a ban would result in:

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